Labyrinth Day Walk for the Earth

On Saturday June 19th 2021, there will be a Labyrinth Day Walk for the Earth at our labyrinth at Barragup.

When people hear about a labyrinth they often associate it with a maze. Some readers will have walked the maze at Hampton Court near London. It can be a frightening and confusing experience.

The twists and turns of the maze are designed to throw you off balance so that you must figure a way out of this place that keeps leading you into the same dead ends over and over again, Some people love this experience as it’s rather like a puzzle and you must use your calculating brain to work out how to get back to the entrance.

The circular path of the labyrinth has its twists and turns as well. It can be quite confusing when first walked. You may feel that you have taken a wrong turn because sometimes you are almost at the centre, only to find that the path has led right out away from your goal.

But if you relax and follow the path, it will always lead to the centre. On the way out, the path leads you safely to the entrance. You can let go and relax, enjoy the journey along the way, knowing that you are in safe hands. Instead of having to use your ‘figuring out’ left brain, you can allow the right brain to take over. Sometimes a word or an image or a moment of wisdom can emerge from our deep consciousness.

There is an ancient Greek myth associated with the labyrinth. It is set in Crete. Each year, it is said, the king of Crete demands a tribute from Athens. They must send him young men and women who are to be fed to the Minotaur, a monster who has been imprisoned in a maze.The creature cannot find a way out of this maze.

Theseus, the young Prince from Athens, decides to go with the next group of youths and to try to destroy this creature. Fortunately the daughter of the king, Ariadne, falls in love with Theseus. She gives him a ball of string and stands at the entrance holding it while he makes his way through the maze. He overcomes the Minotaur and returns safely following the string.

In this story (which is probably based loosely on an historical situation), Theseus enters a maze which is transformed into a Labyrinth, because of the guidance of Ariadne.

By walking the Labyrinth we can learn to develop trust in the providence of Life to lead us safely through the twists and turns of life and to arrive at our own Truth.

Join us for our Labyrinth Walk on Saturday, June 19 at 10am -2pm. 52 Woodview Way Barragup. Email nuhra

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Labyrinth Day Walk for the Earth

When people hear about a labyrinth they often associate it with a maze. Some readers will have walked the maze at Hampton Court near London. …


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