“Pathways to Waking”

NUHRA:  an Aramaic word meaning “inner light” Nuhra radiates into the darkness of our being and helps us to make sense of our life’s journey

Waking up each morning is a miracle in itself and according to all the major spiritual traditions of the world this daily cycle of falling asleep and waking up mirrors the spiritual journey of our lives across a lifetime.  If we decide to make this inner journey we open up to the possibility of a living wiser, more loving and richly connected life.  In moments of awakening we can catch glimpses of a transformed reality, in the simplest of things.  This reality has been variously described as the “Source of Life”,  the authentic “I”, the “Christ Consciousness”  the “Life Divine” – our “True Home.”

“Each person must discover this Centre in himself, this Ground of his being, this Law of his life.  It is hidden in the depths of every soul waiting to be discovered.  It is the treasure hidden in a field, the pearl of great price, it is the one thing that is necessary, which can satisfy all our desires and answer all our needs…….It is the original Paradise from which we have all come”.   Bede Griffiths

 “Call it by any name, God, Self, the heart, or the seat of Consciousness, it is all the same.  The point to be grasped is this, that Heart means the very core of ones’s being, the Centre, without which there is nothing whatever.”  Ramana Maharshi


To explore, to develop or to deepen your own spiritual life,  the Nuhra Community offers a variety of opportunities to encourage moments of awakening and/or moments of deeper communion with Life itself.   These opportunities are available to all who are genuinely seeking connection to the sacred dimension of their life:

Spiritual Programmes

Our practices have evolved over the past 30 – 40 years.  The fundamental principle or belief or practice is that when you turn within you discover gradually, a pure simple inner silence which though empty of thought, is the fullness of BEING.

All our programmes are listed every six months under “Events”.  They include:

  • Weekly Meditation Groups in Perth and Barragup
  • Book Reading groups in Perth and Barragup
  • Labyrinth Days
  • Return to Centre Practice Days
  • Spiritual Refreshment Days
  • Weekend Retreats
  • Annual Monastic Retreat
  • Individually Directed Retreats

Meditation Sanctuary, Barragup

Getting Here

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