Family Camps and Tutoring

Since 2001 Nuhra Life Enrichment Centre has been involved with refugee families from a number of African countries.  As a result of this engagement, we have been able to offer tutoring support to some young people and we have conducted Harmony Camps in Dwellingup and Summer Camps at Barragup – with financial assistance from Lotterywest and some private donors.   The camps have allowed a wonderful sharing of culture and friendship to develop between families of Australian and African nationalities, and much richness, mutual learning and joy has been the result.

Anyone interested in volunteering their support or assistance for this work should contact letitia.  Young people with musical skills, energy and outdoor interests are especially welcome!

Nanga Bush Camp, Dwellingup

Summer Camp!

A special moment

Give Young life a chance

In S. Sudan only 27% of the population is literate and all parents LONG for their children to be educated.  However, in many of the villages, schooling – if it happens – is  predominantly under the trees, and trained teachers are very few in number.

Through our ongoing relationship with a small number of Sudanese families, NLEC has been inspired to support their dream of building a school in the village of Sindiru, S. Sudan.

The driving force behind this dream is Ausudan Inc, a small not for profit organisation established in Perth in 2012 by two Sudanese.   The organisation has already established more than was thought possible through the hard work of many generous people.

At this point in time in the village of Sindiru, construction of the first part of the school is almost ready to begin.  Bores have been put down, teachers are being trained, and the women of the village are being empowered to raise money for school uniforms, and eventually, to pay for teachers’  salaries.

Close connections between members and supporters of NLEC and the Board of Ausudan Inc has enabled members of Nuhra to offer their time, energy, and support to the Sindiru school project and the women of Sindiru village

Each year Nuhra  members and friends support Ausudan Inc with two of its fundraising projects.  All the money raised goes straight to the project because everyone is a volunteer.

The relationship between Nuhra and Ausudan has been a wonderfully engaging and cooperative experience.    It has been, and continues to be a source of joy and deep learning.

For more information on Ausudan go to its website:  or  contact Letitia    

Ausudan puts down its first water bore for the future school.

A young girl proudly looks at her family goat – a gift from Ausudan.

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