About Nuhra Life Enrichment Centre

Nuhra Life Enrichment Centre offers a range of pathways and practices which address body, mind, heart and spirit, in self, and in the wider community.   In weaving together these strands of our lives we strive to honour, develop and engage all levels of our being so that our day-to-day living and personal relationships can grow as our spiritual life deepens.

This understanding of the unfolding of our human life has grown out of a lifetime commitment to the Christ Path and its gospel values of love, justice, mercy, gratitude and celebration.  It is also an understanding that has been shaped by many years of experience, study, practice, and service by the members of the Nuhra Community.  While the core Community is small it offers its programmes to the wider community, to any interested person of any particular faith or of none.

It is our hope that by growing in wisdom and compassion we may learn to live more lightly on the earth and in communion with all.

Currently Nuhra Life Enrichment Centre operates in two places – in Mt Lawley and in Barragup.

Our centre at Barragup is a suburban oasis of peace and stability in which people are welcomed to come and rest, recuperate and rediscover the joy of living in the present moment.

All our professional services are offered at very affordable rates.

If you are interested to know more about the Nuhra Community please ring 08 9328 6272

Getting Here

52 Woodview Way, Barragup WA 6209
Barbara: 0438 525 527
Jo: 0405 370 554
Email: nuralec@aussiebb.com.au

88km Perth Airport

60 minute drive south from Perth

Getting Here

4 Monmouth St, Mt. Lawley 6050
P.O. Box 573 Mt Lawley 6929

Phone: 08 9328 6272
Letitia: 0422 969 704
Email: nuralec@aussiebb.com.au